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Harlan Everett– Insider Reports

Harlan Everett with an experience in Journalism and Content Writing, love writing stories full of efficient language and accurate content. He is a University of Sydney graduate and has two years’ experience of Wall Street Investor. He covers insider reports category. His articles are published on Seeking Alpha, The Street, and The Motley Fool. Brianna has over 4 year experience as a news writer. Previously, he worked as a news analyst. He not only covers insider articles but also has basic skills in the fields of SEO, graphics, web development and HTML coding.

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Eddie Melancon– Business Insides

Eddie Melanconas a blogger and press writer, has worked on topics like earnings reports, hot stocks and market news. He is an experienced professional with 15+ years in research, analysis and reporting. He enjoys taking complex ideas and translating them into content aimed at the general public. His work has featured in popular business websites. He has personal interests in health, fitness, animal care, gardening, travel, world politics, and current social issues, but always willing to learn something new. Eddie has a Masters in Applied Finance and Investment. He specializes in income trading using options, is very conservative in his style and believes patience in waiting for the best setups is the key to successful trading. He writes article for Business Insides category.

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James Blum – Stocks To Watch

James Blum studied a business degree majoring in finance and security analysis. He has a deep understanding of both technical and fundamental forms of analysis, he deeply believes that it makes a lot more sense for average investors to understand fundamental analysis, which he believes anyone can learn. Jameshas over 5 years of experience as a professional journalist, writer and an editor. He holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from University of Melbourne. He writes articles about hot stocks, dividend growth investing, options trading, investment decisions, stock selection, portfolio management, and passive income generation. Jamesprimarily focuses on Stocks To Watch category.

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Kevin Bonenfant
– Biotech

Kevin Bonenfantcovers Biotech news for technicalmonitor.com
Before joining, he worked as a freelance writer. He has more than 10 years’ experience in journalism and public relations. His experience in public relations includes press releases, promotional materials, and working with media outlets. He also has professional experience writing news, technology, and business stories. Kevincleared CFA Level 2 from CFA Institute (USA). He has worked in diverse capacities from financial research to currency trading in a span of 3 years.


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